Anaheim Protest: Unruly Protestors or Undeserving Victims?


We see 4 young women kneeling, protesting peacefully in front of the Anaheim police department.


Here we see one of these young woman being taken away by a police officer.


And in the third photo, we see a group of police officers in the background, wrestling down a protester, their shadows menacingly looming into the foreground.

After an off-duty Los Angeles police officer opened fire during a confrontation with a group of teenagers, 300 people took to the streets protesting police violence. These protesters were met with riot police and throughout the night an estimated 24 people were arrested who refused to leave.

These are 3 of the 13 photos Los Angeles Times photographer Marcus Yam took during the Anaheim protest and subsequent arrests. Take a look at how the protesters are portrayed and how the police portrayed.

The protestors are portrayed as victims and the police are portrayed as the perpetrators. This may or may not have been on purpose, but it still makes the audience sympathize with the protestors rather than with the police. Do the pictures chosen in this article represent what is written, or do they have a separate meaning in themselves? And what do these pictures say about the photographer who took them? Check out this Los Angeles Times article to see how the pictures affect the way the news is received by readers.


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