Casey Anthony: Sincere or for Show?

Infamous Florida woman Casey Anthony, known for being accused and acquitted for the murder of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee Anthony in 2008, spoke with the Associated Press in a series of interviews throughout the week of March 6th about her daughter. After she was acquitted, there was public outrage all over the world. Many people still believed, and still believe Anthony is guilty of murdering her young daughter to free herself from parental responsibilities. In this new Associated Press interview with Anthony, six years after the highly publicized trial, several pictures were taken of Anthony in her West Palm Beach home by Associated Press reporter Joshua Replogle.


Here, Anthony poses next to artwork made by her daughter Caylee.



Anthony looks at a portrait taken of her and her daughter, Caylee.

These pictures of Anthony make her look like an innocent mother who dearly misses her departed daughter.

The way Anthony poses herself in these photos correlates with what she told Replogle, that she doesn’t know how her daughter died, and that she had nothing to do with her death.

“I’m OK with myself, I sleep pretty good at night” Anthony told Replogle. And from these pictures of Anthony, you could say she does look like she sleeps well at night.

These photos have reignited a spark of rage from the public who still believes she is guilty. People can view these photos of Anthony almost as condescending and that she looks like she is acting rather than displaying real emotion.

So how do you think these photos portray Anthony?


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