Last Week in Pictures: 3/13-3/18

Shailesh Andrade

Last week, Hindus around the world celebrated Holi, or the Festival of Colors. They celebrate spring by throwing bright colored powders or paints on each other, playing, and dancing. Here, a young girl in Mumbai, India has colored water thrown on her. This photo was taken by Shailesh Andrade.

Richard Zinken

Winter storm Stella hit the Northeast hard last week. New York City got over a foot of snow. Here, the new Fearless Girl statue stands off against the charging bull on Wall Street during the storm.


Sicily’s Mount Etna volcano erupted early morning on Thursday. 10 people, including tourists, journalists, and a scientist, were injured by the explosion after traveling to Mount Etna to witness the eruption.


Here, looking rather uncomfortable, is German Chancellor Angela Merkel sitting in the White House with Donald Trump on Friday.  There meeting has been in the news due to Trump’s apparent refusal to shake hands with Merkel after meeting.


This past Saturday, rock n’ roll legend Chuck Berry died of natural causes at the age of 90. In his hometown of St. Louis, Missouri, locals and fans from across the nation have visited the statue of Berry on the St. Louis Walk of Fame to pay their respects and remember the music legend.





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