Annie Leibovitz

Annie Leibovitz is a famous American portrait photographer. She is most known for taking pictures of John Lennon for Rolling Stone the same day he was assassinated. She went on to become the head photographer for Rolling Stone, taking photos of Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, Patti Smith, Keith Richards and Mick Jagger to name a few. Her portraits have appeared in Vogue, The New York Times Magazine, and The New Yorker. In 1983, Leibovitz went on to become the first contributing photographer for Vanity Fair and since then has photographed portraits of actors and actresses, singers, entertainers, and politicians.

Annie Leibovitz is an inspiration to me because she puts her own style into her photography and tries to convey the character of the people she is photographing. Her pictures to me are much more than just pictures, there stories into the lives of the those she photographs. She may not be a photojournalist, but her photography is known all over the world in print and online publications.

I’ve added some of my portraits Leibovitz has taken, but I strongly encourage you to do more research on her and her photography!

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