E. Jason Wambsgan’s Portraits of Tavon Tanner

My previous post was about this year’s Pulitzer Prize winning photographer Daniel wambsgansscaledBerehulak for his breaking news photography. Also announced as a winner for a Pulitzer Prize April 10 was E. Jason Wambsgans, a photographer for the Chicago Tribune. He is this year’s Feature Photography winner for his portraits of Tavon Tanner.

Wambsgans has been a staff photographer for the Chicago Tribune for fifteen years, but for the last 4 years he has been focused on gun violence in Chicago. According to a Chicago Tribune article, “Wambsgans’ prize-winning photos appeared in connection with an in-depth report by Mary Schmich, herself a previous Pulitzer winner. In a year where Chicago homicides reached a 20-year high, the Tribune set out to document the toll of violence on children.”

Wambsgans photo series is focused around Tavon Tanner, an 11-year-old boy from Chicago is one of 24 children aged 12 years or younger that were shot in Chicago in 2016. Wambsgans documents the struggle Tanner goes through in not only his physical recovery, but his emotional recovery as well. The pictures of this young boy being so brave and resilient is an inspiration to those also experiencing violence in their cities, but it also brings to light the conversation we need to be having about gun violence in the United States.

Again, I will only show a couple of my favorite photos from the series, and highly suggest you visit the Chicago Tribune’s article about Tavon Tanner here.



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